4 Films, 1 Week

4 Films, 1 Week


Posters I talked in this post about how I like to bake when I feel sad, unfortunately I feel sad quite a lot and there's only so many batches of cupcakes I can make before my house starts to look like a slightly dodgy, not very professional bakery and my family starts to feel very very sick.

So for those times when I'm feeling sad or anxious and like I just need to get out of the house and out of my head - I like to go to the cinema. I love movies; along with books and James Franco's Instagram they are one of my favourite things about life. But almost more than I love movies, I love the cinema.

I think to some people the idea of going to see a movie alone is pretty alien. But going to the cinema on my own, in the afternoon or even in the morning is one of my favourite things to do in life. Because when I'm feeling bad or sad, walking through those doors onto that slightly grubby carpet, ordering a drink that's so watered down it doesn't even really count as Sprite any more, worrying I'm late and then realising the actual film doesn't start for at least 20 minutes, and then finally getting whisked away into a world where none of my problems even exist, for me, that's practically heaven.

I saw four films last week, which I guess tells you that I wasn't having a particularly good week.

The first was We Are The Best which I saw with my dad as Lucas Moodysson, the director, is practically his Lena Dunham. If you're a 14 year old girl who's never seen a subtitled film before I would definitely recommend this as your first one and if you're anyone else who isn't a 14 year old girl I would also recommend this as it's beautiful and gentle and probably the most honest film I've seen in my not very long life.

Then I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with my little brother and while he went in rather sceptical after not liking the first one (I am incapable of being sceptical at anything featuring Emma Stone) we both came out vibrating with how much we'd loved it. I know it's a big statement but I think it's my favourite of any movie in this new wave of superhero movies. For me struck the perfect balance between 'bit's where they actually talk and don't fight' (my brother called these 'the bit's where you actually get quite bored') and amazing fight scenes. And also - Emma Stone...

The next day I was feeling pretty low and I knew if I sat in my house any longer I was going to get lower than low so I went to see The DoubleI was the only person in the cinema not on a date so I propped my big parker coat up next to me and pretended it was my boyfriend. Tragic? Ithinkso. After absolutely loving Submarine (the directors last film) I didn't like The Double. Which is definitely not saying it was a bad film. Because I'm sure it was amazing and I could see lots of things in it that were awesome. But in the end I felt all the arch-ness and stylish directing took away completely from any emotion the film was trying to convey. I think it was meant to be a film about loneliness and if even me and my winter coat boyfriend couldn't feel that there was definitely something going wrong.

And then me and my friend went to see The Other Woman. Which is amazing. And so much fun. And so funny. And Leslie Mann is so hilarious and beautiful and awesome that she should almost definitely win an Oscar for it. And if you are feeling sad - this is the movie to see. Because I defy anyone to feel sad while watching Leslie Mann try to cry on the inside.

So that was my week of feeling a bit sad and movies helping a lot. I'm feeling much better this week which is brilliant. And the way it always goes.

I hope you're having a great week.



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