Flower Pot Chocolate Cake

Flower Pot Chocolate Cake


Pots 1 - 2 As any even vaguely experienced baker will know there's an art in finding the balance between making your cake look nice and not getting crazy stressed out while decorating it. More than once I've baked an entire vat of cupcakes only to discover that I don't have the right icing/can't quite be asked to ice them. So when I saw this recipe for mini chocolate cakes baked into flower pots I assumed it was doomed to be perpetually Pinterested and never actually baked.

But actually. It was super easy.

The hardest part about this recipe is finding the flower pots. For about a week I could only find eco flower pots made of soil which was not exactly what I  was looking for; but I ended up with two terracotta plant pots. And no. I didn't check if they were heat proof. I just put them in the oven. But it worked.

The make up of the cake is as follows:

- Chocolate cake baked straight into the pot.

- A drizzle of m&s salted caramel on top.

- Chocolate ganache on top of that.

- Crumbled up Oreo's to act as dirt.

- And all topped off with toffee chunks, store bought flowers and some homemade fondant tortoises.

Pots 3

I'm not going to write out the whole recipe because I literally just followed the Sweetapolita one (except for making my own salted caramel, no body got time for that). But I did think I would leave you with a list of my top 5 recipe blogs.

I feel like some people find it hard to know in what context to read blogs, I use bloglovin where you can literally 'follow' all your favourite blogs, then when you go to your bloglovin page you get updates every time a blog you follow has updated. However there's also a joy in forgetting about a blog you love and then going back to it and having dozens of lovely new posts to catch up on. You can follow me here on bloglovin, and here are my top 5 food-y blogs.

1. Sally's Baking Addiction - 80% of things I bake come from here.

2. A Beautiful Mess - The holy grail of craft, food and general beautifulness.

3. Deliciously Ella - My all time favourite healthy eating blog.

4. Sweetapolita - The most beautiful cakes you will ever see in your whole life ever.

5. Minimalist Baker - Another healthy eating blog with beautiful pictures and very funny words.

Okay, there you have it, my favourite cake I've baked to date and some more beautiful blogs to keep you occupied this bank holiday.

Have a lovely day.


Pots 4

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Click on This List

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