It's Okay...

It's Okay...

it's okay 1. It's okay that to wake up every morning feeling like the worlds about to end. Like you want to cancel every single plan that's ever been made for any of the future and crawl back into bed.

2. It's okay to never think this feeling is going to end.

3. It's okay that it's almost always gone half an hour later.

4. It's okay that sometimes it doesn't go.

5. It's okay that some days are still very dark. That some weeks are still dark. That not everything in your brain is quite as perfect yet as I'd hope it to be.

6. It's okay to have ice lollies for breakfast.

7. It's okay to feel you need to wear make up if you want to feel confident.

8. It's okay to suck at applying foundation.

9. It's okay to walk around with suckilly applied foundation.

10. It's okay to need half an hour to mentally get ready for any social interaction.

11. It's okay to be alone. It's okay to cancel plans. It's okay to be a bit quiet. People normally don't mind.

12. If they do mind it's okay not to care. It's okay if some people don't like you. You don't have to please everyone. Only you and maybe your cat.

13. It's okay to feel scared.

14. It's okay to hate that you feel scared.

15. It's okay to worry no one will like you.

16. It's okay to feel insanely happy when it turns out they do like you.

17. It's okay to eat the same thing every day for a week.

18. It's okay if all you have on your iPod is audiobooks.

19. It's okay to not like the same things as everyone else.

20. It's okay to need time to calm down. To need time on your own. To need to take your time.

21. It's okay to take pride in the little things, to smile for an hour every time you manage to have a real conversation. To celebrate a day without panic.

22. It's okay to think you're never going to get better.

23. It's okay to get better.

24. It's okay to like watching The Kardashians. It's okay to really care about their problems. It's okay to care when celebrities get hair cuts.

25. It's okay to have conversations with your dog.

26. It's okay to have conversations with your dog even if your dog isn't there.

27. It's okay to try.

28. It's okay to fail.

29. It's okay to succeed, and to tell people when you succeed. It's okay to brag.

30. It's okay to hate art galleries. It's okay to hate foreign movies. It's okay to have not read a novel since Harry Potter.

31. It's okay if your parents are your best friends.

32. It's okay to procrastinate, it's okay to not finish. It's okay to give up.

33. It's okay to feel like none of it's okay. To feel like it's over every time you fail, every time you stumble. To not understand why it's not better than okay by now.

34. It's okay to keep trying.

35. It's all okay.

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